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Whether you want to swim with the Jellyfish in Palau, or enjoy your time on a beautiful beach in the Maldives, LDA DIve Travel gives you the option to do that and so much more. Unlike most other travel websites out there, we make sure that you're being compared to all the best deals around the world and we work hard to snag you that good deal at a great savings and in turn, put a smile on your face. Deals are important and as a company with work experience in the scuba diving industry and been travelling for many years ourselves, we know we'll get you only the best...

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The sheer space and depth of our oceans has on offer some of the most interesting and fascinating sites, including wrecks, coral and marine life. We wanted it to be easy for avid divers and beginners to find the best locations to visit, which is why we started LDA Dive Travel.

The team at LDA Dive Travel are avid scuba divers, and use their expert knowledge to find the best deals on liveaboard and resort accommodation for your holiday. Enjoy a memorable experience in some of the world’s most unique and interesting countries and islands.

Whether you're into wreck-diving, muck-diving or drift diving, we've got a tour that will suit you. You can compare and book between many liveaboards and dive resorts that we have on offer, so you’re spoilt for choice.


Our team select the best tours available, boasting all-day diving and the best accommodation. You'll have an expert team guiding you through the waters, followed by a dedicated group giving you cosy living and great cuisine. Wherever you plan on visiting, we assure an experience that you'll love.

Some of the incredible islands and countries you’ll have the chance to explore include:


There's sure to be an area on our list of itineraries that you haven’t visited before. Why not enjoy the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands? Or dive the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia? If you can’t decide, just talk to our friendly customer service team and they'll be able to lead you to the right choice.

Our liveaboards and diving resorts are the ideal setting for new and experienced divers. Swim through some of the world's untouched heritage sites, explore rare and exotic wildlife and enjoy quality, premium accommodation.

If you’re interested in exploring the wonderful and curious sites hidden underwater, book a holiday with LDA Dive Travel.

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