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    Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort is the pioneer dive resort on Malapascua. The first dive shop to open on the island in 1998, Exotic has grown...


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Experience the Beauty of the Philippines with a Malapascua Dive Resort

Malapascua is an island of Cebu, Phillippines, and known as one of the most reliable destinations for thresher shark sightings. With a Malapascua dive resort, you get to experience the unmissable underwater sights surrounding the island with passionate staff guiding you through your dives.

Dive with the sharks at Malapascua

Thresher sharks are a unique breed of shark found in temperate tropical oceans. Their long tail, that make up half their size is what makes them distinguishable from other breeds. Malapascua is an island where you are nearly guaranteed a swim with these creatures every dive. Their regular cleaning station, Monad Shoal, is a popular diving point during these resorts, giving you an opportunity to see the sharks in their natural habitat.

Not only does Malapascua offer the opportunity to see these sharks, but it also is home to a number of other unique creatures including pygmy seahorses, mandarinfish, blue spotted stingrays and black corals. There are also beautiful wrecks to explore, making Malapascua the perfect place for beginner divers looking to get a taste of everything. A trip with LDA Dive Travel will ensure you get great value for your money, and return home with plenty of stories and memories to share. We are passionate about diving, so we understand what exactly beginners and experienced divers are looking for on their trips.

An array of dives for different experience levels

Our Malapascua itineraries are a great place to start for divers of every experience level. Not only do these islands in the Philippines offer diving for up-close encounters with thresher sharks and other wildlife, there is also the opportunity to encounter a little piece of history of the Philippines by diving to shipwrecks dating from WWII. Our Malapuscua tours offer a great option for those looking for a diverse experience in the Philippines. Book now and discover the underwater sights of the Phillipines!