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A Liveaboards Diving Adventure in French Polynesia

Discover heaven above and below the water in French Polynesia, a mecca for liveaboards enthusiasts. Composed of 118 islands spread over more than 1250 miles (2000 kilometers) of the Pacific, the country offers some of the most beautiful and diverse diving in the world, defined by an abundance of encounters with sharks and manta rays along common liveaboard routes.

Diving level: Depths and currents mean advanced certification is required

Itineraries: 7 to 10 nights

Best time to dive: October to May

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Home to the Tuamotu Archipelago – one of the best known and loved dive sites in the world – French Polynesia is an internationally renowned diving destination. Fakarava and Rangiroa (Tiputa Pass) are sought after destinations for divers, known for their heavy currents and common shark encounters. While drift diving is the norm, those in the know can find plenty protected coral beds and World War II wrecks to explore on their holiday.

International arrival is via Fa'a'ā International Airport on Tahiti, with the best diving spots located a considerable distance from the capital of Papeete. While this area does offer world-class diving opportunities and some of the world’s finest beachside resorts, those who are looking for a true diving holiday should consider booking a liveaboards holiday. Cruises typically last between 7 and 10 nights. Divers booking with LDA Dive Travel can choose between two extremely well-appointed vessels – the French Polynesia Master supporting up to 25 guests, and the more intimate Aqua Tiki II suiting up to eight people.

Don’t miss:

  • The shark filled waters of the channels of Tuamotu Archipelago
  • The manta rays of the Marquesas
  • The colourful fish and vibrant coral beds of the Society Islands
  • Drift dives in the Tiputa Pass of Rangiroa
  • Shark sightings in Fakarava and Rangiroa
  • WWII wrecks for wreck divers


December to March you can expect wet and rainy conditions.

November to April is summer in French Polynesia, and an influx in plankton and calm conditions make it best for diving with large marine life such as manta rays, and warm water temperatures make every dive pleasant.

June to September is the best in terms of visibility. Offering seemingly endless visibility of up to 200 feet (60 meters) on good days, this part of year is still a beautiful time to visit French Polynesia. Do not that water temperature is slightly cooler, and typhoons and choppy surface conditions may affect your holiday.