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    Galapagos Master

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    Built in 2004, Galapagos Master joined the Master Liveaboards brand after a 7 month refit in 2014-15. Previously operating as Deep Blue, the...


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Explore the Must-See Wildlife Diving in the Galapagos Islands

Most people will be familiar with the Galapagos Island’s as the inspiration behind Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. But not only is this location a turning point in science, it is also a magnificently beautiful place brimming with clear waters, unique marine and land wildlife and beautiful natural landscapes.

As a marine reserve, Galapagos is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is under strict protection. In saying this, most islands in the region are only accessible by liveaboards making booking a tour essential.

A treasured marine reserve to swim through

The Galapagos diving tour is a luxury tour featuring small groups and high-quality liveaboards and facilities. Anyone who loves nature and unique creatures will fall in love with this holiday, boasting numerous opportunities to get up and close with animals you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of the animals you’ll get the opportunity to see include See Iguanas, flightless cormorants, penguins and sea lions, while underwater you’ll get to see manta rays, sea horses, whale sharks, hammerheads, dolphins and many more. There are numerous islands that you can explore, all offering their own unique collection of creatures. This luxury diving experience is well worth it!

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These liveaboard tours can also offer land visits, so you can get up close to the unique ecosystem that is such a global treasure. Make sure you’ve got plenty of memory on your camera, you’ll be taking a lot of snaps of this amazing location.

If you are looking for a travel experience that you won’t find anywhere else, the Galapagos Islands tour is a fantastic option. Book now with LDA Dive Travel!