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  • Meridian Adventure  Raja Ampat

    Meridian Adventure Marina Club and Resort

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    Meridian Adventure Marina Club and Resort Waisai is the perfect base from which to enjoy your Raja Ampat experiences. From the modern uncluttered...

    Raja Ampat

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  • Misool Eco Resor Raja Ampat Indonesia

    Misool Eco Resort

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    Misool is an exclusive resort and conservation center located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The private resort island is nestled deep...

    Raja Ampat

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  • Raja4Divers, Pulau Pef - Raja Ampat Dive Resort


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    Located at Pulau Pef Island, Raja4Divers has been opened to the guests since June 2011. The dive resort nestles along a palm fringed, west facing...

    Raja Ampat

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A Marine Wildlife Lover’s Dream From Raja Ampat Dive Resorts

Raja Ampat is an archipelago of more than 1500 islands, and lies northwest of West Papua in Indonesia. The name Raja Ampat translates to Four Kings, and refers to the four main islands of the archipelago which are Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. It sits at the centre of the coral triangle, which makes it a hotspot for marine biodiversity, and as a result, an exciting place for divers to visit.

Spectacular Diving Conditions All Year Round

Raja Ampat is a true tropical paradise, with incredible biodiversity and breathtaking land and seascapes such as coral reefs, caves, azure waters, mangrove swamps and jungles that reach towards the ocean. The weather remains warm and sunny throughout the year, with diving season lying between October to April, and water temperatures sitting around 27 degrees Celsius.

If you’re a lover of wildlife, Raja Ampat has everything you could wish to see. The coral reefs of Waigo are host to     manta rays, nurse sharks, bobtail squid and the wobbegong, whereas the mangrove swamps of Misool offer highlights at mangrove swamp dives sites, where night time critters can be spotted on night dives.

There are also a range of non-diving activities around Raja Ampat. Trek through the wilderness on Waigo to spot native birdlife, or visit the local tribes around the Baliem Valley.    

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