Unique Dive Expeditions

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  • Nitrox
  • Trimix
  • CCR
  • Tec Diving
  • Internet
  • PADI
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Camera Station
  • Airport Transfer
  • Child Friendly
  • Spa/Massage
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Unique Dive Expeditions is an exciting and innovative product of Sam's Tours offering tailor-made exclusive expeditions specializing in spawning events and animal behavior. This Unique Dive style based on the monthly lunar cycles offers a once-in-a-lifetime diving expedition. During certain lunar cycles (Full Moon and New Moon) different species of fish gather in huge aggregations to spawn. Numbers can vary from hundreds to thousands, depending on the species. These mind-blowing spawning events usually attract bigger predators as well. Through local knowledge, thousands of dives and documenting their experiences, Unique Dive Expeditions have been able to discover some of Palau’s best-kept secrets.


  • 1 Palau Pacific Resort

    price per day: 495 USD

    The Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) offers a combination of 160 luxurious rooms in an amazing resort style setting. It features a large private beach, swimming pool, two restaurants and bars, a fitness center, tennis courts, a beauty salon, a spa, and shops.

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  • 2 Palau Royal Resort

    price per day: 285 USD

    The Palau Royal Resort features 157 luxurious guestrooms and suites overlooking the seascape of Malakal Harbor and is within walking distance to Sam’s Tours. Facilities include a private white sandy beach, two restaurants and bars, a swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center, children’s play center, a spa, and shops.

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  • 3 Palau Central Hotel

    price per day: 150 USD

    The Palau Central Hotel offers newly renovated Western-style rooms in the center of Palau’s downtown, being only steps away from restaurants, shopping and activities. Palau Central Hotel prides itself on service and comfort while offering the best value in Palau.

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  • 4 Cove Resort Palau

    price per day: 235 USD

    Opened in July 2016, Cove Resort Palau is situated on the island of Malakal, just opposite Sam's Tours. It is a waterfront oasis with a nautical theme, from its Hungry Marlin restaurant down to the rustic boatwood furniture. Cove Resort Palau also boasts the largest lagoon swimming pool in Palau, complete with a pool bar.

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  • Palasia Hotel 200$
  • Rose Garden Resort 170$
  • Carolines Resort 292$
  • Palau Plantation Resort 180$
  • West Plaza Hotel 124$
  • Palau Paradise Hotel 140$
  • DW Motel 82$
  • S&C Hotel Suites & Apartments 105$

All accommodation rates are based on standard twin share room.
For more accommodation options contact us at dive@ldatravel.com


Located right on the water Bottom Time Bar and Grill (BTBG) is the ultimate sunset and evening spot for divers, yachties, Sam’s Tours staff, and locals, offering a diverse food and beverage selection.
The bar menu includes wine, breezy island cocktails, and an international selection of canned and draft beers ranging from locally brewed Red Rooster in 3 flavors, Stella Artois on draft, to Budweiser (USA), Asahi (Japan), San Miguel (the Philippines).
Culinary choices include grilled dishes, such as pork, beef, hamburgers, chicken and fish, sandwiches, and appetizers, calamari and more!
If breakfast is not included in your hotel, ask for an early pickup and come on down to Bottom Time to jump start your day with one of the excellent breakfast choices, including pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, and fruits.

Unique Dive Expeditions Terms & Conditions

-Arrival has to be within a minimum of 4 days prior to the full or new moon trip.
-Itinerary can be flexible, occurring at the beginning or end of the trip
-Minimum of 4 divers required for confirmation
-Maximum of 7 divers per expedition
-Minimum of 5 days diving in total
-Unique Dive Expeditions is only open to experienced divers (over 50 dives) who are comfortable in the water; divers must be able to swim against strong currents and deploy their own surface marker buoy in case they separate from the group.

Full Moon Expedition

For several days leading up to, and around the full moon, huge numbers of red snappers aggregate, ready to spawn. Our expeditions will start on Palau’s premier dive sites where conditions can sometimes be challenging due to strong currents and early starts. However, the rewards are high! As the sun rises, we will begin our dive to watch the spectacle about to unfold. A huge aggregation rises from the deep to ensure a continuation of their species. You will witness what only can be described as an underwater display of 'fireworks' that also attracts the biggest predators in Palau.

  • Snapper Spawning (3 tank) 265$

New Moon Expedition

A common favorite is the Bumphead Parrot Fish, often seen patrolling the reefs in smaller schools. These encounters are amongst favorites for divers, but imagine an aggregation of nearly a thousand individuals. This Expedition takes us to a remote site where aggregations begin forming early morning. Hundreds of individuals from all around the area join for what is about to be an unforgettable site. Building up to a spectacular showdown, males begin their display of dominance, attempting to attract as many mating partners as possible. As females continue to gather the school spills out in the blue where tension erupts into a climatic mating dance.

  • Bumphead Spawning (3 tank) 265$

Black Water Diving

As divers, we know the adventure of night diving on the reefs – the thrill and anticipation of rolling off the boat into the inky waters below, seeing creatures rarely seen during the day. Now, imagine diving in the pitch black of night, relying solely on GPRS to lead us to the exact spot where meters of water lies below us. A lit hang-bar is lowered to 16 meters, attracting the ocean’s most bizarre creatures. Test your photography skills as creatures no bigger than a few centimeters, drift pass and countless members of the jellyfish family pulsate every color imaginable….

  • Blackwater diving (1 tank) 115$


TOURS INCLUDE: Hotel transfers within Koror, lunch, and refreshments, professional guide, tanks, and weights.
NOT INCLUDED: Mandatory government permits, dive gear rental.
Jellyfish Lake Snorkel Stop Can be booked with 2 or 3 tank dive day.
Sam’s Macro Wall diving is free of charge
Peleliu Diving (2 & 3 tanks) Advanced Divers Only
Free Nitrox up to 32% with proof of certification

  • Full Day Diving (2 tanks) 155$
  • Peleliu Diving (2 tanks) 190$
  • Peleliu Diving (3 tanks) 225$
  • Chandelier Cave Dive 40$
  • 3rd Tank Dive 40$
  • Night Dive 80$
  • Jellyfish Lake Snorkel Stop 25$
  • Private Dive Guide - Daily 100$
  • Private Dive Guide - Weekly 400$
  • Snapper Spawning (3 tank) 265$
  • Bumphead Spawning (3 tank) 265$
  • Blackwater diving (1 tank) 115$
  • Sam’s Macro Wall
  • Free Nitrox
  • Rebreather Support
  • Tec Diving

Equipment Rental

Sam's Tours and Unique Dive Expeditions recommend the use of dive computer for all diving guests for safety reasons.
Full set includes (BCD, Regulator, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Wetsuit)
Gear package includes 5 dive days.

  • Full set 35$
  • Full set + Dive computer 50$
  • Full Gear Package 125$
  • Full Gear Package + Computer 175$
  • BCD & Regulator 25$
  • BCD 15$
  • Regulator 15$
  • Mask & Snorkel 5$
  • Fins 5$
  • Wetsuit 10$
  • Dive Computer 15$
  • Dive Computer Package 50$
  • Torch 7$


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Dive Shop
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Air-conditioned Classroom
  • Camera Rinse Tank


  • Airport Transfer
  • Hotel Pick-Up
  • Hotel Drop-Off
  • Land Tours


Beside the daily dive activities, Sam's Tours and Unique Dive Expeditions offers:

  • Kayaking Tours
  • Snorkeling Tours
  • Rock Island Tours
  • WWII Historical Tours
  • Land Tours

Getting There

The following airlines offer regular services to Palau and have a local reservations office in Palau:
-Asiana Airlines offers two flights each week originating from Incheon, South Korea.
-China Airlines offers four scheduled flights a week via Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
-Delta Airlines offers flights from Tokyo, Japan, with good connections for flights originating in West Coast U.S.
-Japan Airlines mainly offers charter flights from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
-Korean Airlines offers two flights a week from Incheon, South Korea, with excellent connections for flights from Europe.
-United Airlines offers daily flights to Palau via Guam and Manila, with excellent connections from all US destinations.