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  • Unique Dive Expeditions Snapper Spawning

    Unique Dive Expeditions

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    Unique Dive Expeditions is an exciting and innovative product of Sam's Tours offering tailor-made exclusive expeditions specializing in spawning...


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  • Sam's Tours Palau Dive Center

    Sam's Tours

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    Sam’s Tours is Palau's premier 5* PADI IDC Dive Centre and eco-adventure tour company based in Malakal Harbour, Koror, Palau. The full service...


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Palau’s Favourite Dive Resorts

The beautiful Palau continues to surpass its reputation as one of the world’s best diving locations. Rich with historic wrecks between the islands and boasting an array of fantastic locations, Palau is a definite must see for those looking to experience wildlife, coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Palau has a range of dive resorts, from budget stays to luxury hotels. At LDA Dive Travel, we help you find the perfect resort for your own unique diving experience. Enjoy beautiful swims through rich waters and return back to your accommodation to unwind, enjoy some local cuisine and catch up on some much-needed rest.

Swim through Palau’s many exotic islands

The waters in Palau are usually fairly warm, so diving experiences are relaxed and comfortable. There are a number of diving areas that have brought tourists from all over the globe, including the Jellyfish Lake, the Rock Islands and the Blue Corner. You will have the opportunity to see sea creatures like manta ray, jellyfish, various species of shark, and beautiful schools of fish. 

With LDA Dive Travel, you can experience all these attractions and more in convenient diving resorts. Go on as many or as few diving trips as you like, choose the dives you’re most interested in and create the perfect holiday.

Book with LDA Travel today!

Our Palau dive resorts are a great option for avid divers who prefer land accommodation. Those who are eager to travel further out can opt for the liveaboard option, but both allow you numerous opportunities to explore that fantastic underwater sites of this popular destination.

If you are interested in ticking off this beautiful location, get in touch with LDA Dive Travel today. We’ll make sure you get the best experience available.